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Yoga is about finding a pathway;

a through line; a life enhancing balance.


It is a philosophy and a guide for living a

steady, easeful life (Sthira, Sukham); a journey of discovery to become the best version of yourself: your SELF.

For sure, learn to balance on one leg but also learn to calm the mind and learn to lose anxiety. Learn yoga.



Homeostasis! Breath is the key. When we breathe efficiently

we calm the mind and body. We cultivate an equilibrium

to counteract dis-ease.



Physical and emotional strength walk hand in hand. Strong muscles mean that we FEEL strong when we move....there's the mind body connection right there!

  • Safety, and Philosophy

    Safety, anatomy, physiology, compassion and philosophy are the foundations of my teaching. 

  • Mindset

    Every day I experience the benefits of practicing yoga.I live by its philosophy and move within its guidance. 

Supta Padangusthasana (Supine Hand To Big Toe Pose)

  • Sharing

    Sharing my experience of yoga is a major joy and I instruct and guide teachers in training and lecture on the Yoga Sutras.  

  • Welcoming

    Everyone can benefit from a yoga practice. My aim is to provide an environment where you can explore you, in all your aspects.

For many the thought of attending a yoga class is intimidating. My aim is to create a welcoming and safe environment. 


Pricing Plans

Drop in Classes

Begin your Yoga Journey


Just wear something comfortable that you can move in with bare feet or socks.

Course of 10

Commit to Your Practice


This packages saves you money on each class and encourages a commitment to your practice which will bring you wonderful rewards.

Yoga for Cyclists

Cultivate an Enjoyable Ride



Tight glutes and hamstrings? Lower back pain?

This class is open to all levels and is designed to counter the stresses cycling can place on the body. Great for runners too!


Crafted for Beginners and Adept


for an hour

Every body is individual, with its own accumulated history. Explore and learn to understand your own alignment, requirements and connections.


A Conscious Sleep




A deep, deep relaxation which exists somewhere between sleep and awake.



*can be used as a "drop in class" or as a course of 10

Terms & Conditions:

With Gratitude,


When booking and attending a class at THE Little YOGA Place you are agreeing to following terms and conditions:


1. Please note a cancellation policy of 24 hours notice. All late cancellations are automatically charged. Thank you for your understanding on this.

2. Class bookings are non-transferable.

3. A Course of 10 classes and Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase and are non-refundable.


4. Please accept responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged goods whilst on class premises.


5. Please accept responsibility for informing me, the teacher, of any injuries, surgeries, medical conditions or pregnancy prior to the start of class so that I can advise on appropriate modifications. If you do have any injuries or medical conditions, please check with your doctor or medical professional before attending class.


Thank you for accepting these terms and conditions

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this morning's class. Your warmth and friendliness were so welcoming and knowledge and enthusiasm so inspiring. Love the comment at the end about sending our positive energy into the town. :)

Natalie - Westerham

Love Kerry's classes. She is welcoming, considered, clear and she clearly knows her Hatha Yoga inside out. Her method is a lovely break from the whirlwind half-gym session, half-yoga classes that there are many of these days. Definitely worth attending whatever level of yoga you are at.

Richard Horne- Dorking

Kerry's yoga style is truly wonderful. The pace of her class and her teaching are very encouraging and calming for the mind. The best part of the class for me is her relaxation at the end. I could listen to her voice for ever! Kerry's class guarantees a great nights sleep.

Kelly - Dorking

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