Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

Sitting still has always been one of my life challenges; until I had my child, of course, when exhaustion was the great de-motivater! Once I began practising YOGA I, thankfully, began to learn how to rein in and channel my energy so that I didn't run out of it quite so quickly. One of my biggest yogic surprises on this journey has been yoga Nidra.

Lying in Savasana (corpse pose) with my eyes closed (always a great start) my teacher managed to quieten my 'monkey chattering mind' as she took my focus around each finger, each limb and all around my body.  I sank deeper and deeper into what I can only describe as a 'quiet place' and when I left my mat after class, I felt lighter, calmer and frankly......more co...

Yoga's cool. Yoga's fun. Yoga's fab.

As a yoga teacher, I see and feel the benefits of yoga every day. As a parent, I want my son to share those benefits: I want all children to share those benefits.

Countless exploratory studies have created a long list of 'yoga positives' for children. As you may expect, that list includes significant improvements in flexibility, muscle strength and cardiopulmonary fitness. But the benefits far outreach (excuse the pun) the obvious.

Studies have shown, for example, that, following a course of yoga practise, children between the ages of nine and thirteen years old performed better in hand steady testing, which suggests an improvement in attention and concentration. The same age group also showed imp...

So what is Ashtanga Yoga? Well, it's a big subject and this barely touches the surface but it's a bit of an overview.

Ashtanga is a Sanskrit word which translates as Eight Limbs.....the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Much has been written and debated about the details of these Eight Limbs which were first outlined in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written around 400CE. They are a series of 196 aphorisms (truths, observations) much like the 'old adages' we use today; ditties, if you like, open to personal interpretation and application. Never have I had so many light bulb moments reading a book!

This 'guide for living' is so simple and yet so complex. It's said that these aphorisms were notes taken by Patanjali's students as he tutored them in the w...

The meditative flow (vinyassa) of Surya Namaskara A

Starting yoga. Approach to yoga

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