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A Classical Sun Salutation

This sequence of postures is good for all but especially for beginners

The Breath is the key to flow

The breath is the key to many doors and in asana practice its rhythm gives a feeling of flow (vinyasa) to a sequence. Using the breath as the instigator of movement; both the inhalation and the exhalation, connects the two and the postures become threaded together by the breath.

Students who are new to the practice often find the breath one of the more challenging aspects to find. GIVE YOURSELF TIME. Know that the breath is the key and start from that knowing.


Ujji is the way in which we breathe and direct the breath during our asana (postures) practice. It means Victorious Breath; victory over the monkey mind. It has a number of benefits:

  • it 'stretches' the breath, elongating it for the duration of the movement in and out of postures

  • it creates a focus for the mind in both sensation and sound

  • it harnesses and strengthens the connection with the breath

  • it helps direct the breath to specific areas of the body, assisting stretch and release

  • it takes the mind deeper within itself; a meditation.

Ujji Breath is commonly called Ocean Sounding Breath because it sounds like the sea and is likened to the sound of Darth Vadar!

It's easy to force Ujji Breath but it's not necessary. Adept yogis tend to practice Ujji quietly. If your breath becomes uneven or forced during your asana practice it can be a sign that you are pushing past your edge. Listen to the rhythm and quality of your breath; it's your teacher.

Trust that, with practice, YOGA brings understanding

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