Jan 27, 2019

Richard Horne


Love Kerry's classes. She is welcoming, considered, clear and she clearly knows her Hatha Yoga inside out. Her method is a lovely break from the whirlwind half-gym session, half-yoga classes that there are many of these days. Definitely worth attending whatever level of yoga you are at.

Oct 01, 2017



Thank you for yesterday's class. You are a natural yoga teacher! I really enjoyed the way you went into the postures and the shoulder blade planting you did at the beginning was really good :)

Aug 07, 2017



Kerry's yoga style is truly wonderful, the pace of her class and her teaching are very encouraging and calming for the mind. The best part of the class for me is her relaxations at the end. I could listen to her voice for ever! Kerry's class guarantees a great night sleep. 

Aug 17, 2017



I'm consciously aware of how I move both on and off the yoga mat, now that I've been to Kerry's yoga classes. I feel more toned and better for it!

Sep 09, 2017



So enjoyed your class! Lovely atmosphere and great teaching with your amazing personality shining through!

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David Swenson

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